My memory can be quite sucky so I’ll to list as many things I can rmb from what occurred on the concert day..

Arrived at the floating platform at ard 6am.. Waiting ard.. Analyzing e situation.. We managed to get into the front part of the queue after much squeezing.. Enduring intense physical contact from all sides.. Odd odor from the drain.. Complaining Xiao Mei Meis.. They really nid to learn how to relax.. Seriously wan to get into a quarrel anytime when things dun go their way.. We had to calm this girl down n she was about to burst into tears.. We were kinda separated in e queue from the ‘battle’ to enter the official queue..

After more adjustments, shouts from e security and finally some cooperation from the crowd, we settled down, sat on the floor in a tight pack.. Den a prob came.. Had to pass a ticket to A friend who just arrived.. After numerous ‘excuse me’ ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’, I managed to get out n back in but not without receiving glares n curses from the crowd which I passed.. Everyone so cranky in the morning LOL..

Only time when I out my new bino to use is when shinee n super junior started rehearsing.. Could hear n see them from the queue.. Then, we wanted for tagging.. It was really chaotic.. Ppl standing up walking ard.. But luckily the whole group of us got tagged for Moshpit C1 which is the part of mosh C nearer to the stages.. We den decided to get out aft e tagging.. Leaving some of our bags behind to ‘chop’ space.. Then went to get our smtown passport n ssf shirt.. In view of e chaotic situation in e queue we decided to jus pull out completely and jus enter later..

Looking for our bags was quite a nightmare at first.. Strangers sometimes can’t b trusted.. Haix.. But managed to still find my bag… Kpop fans r pretty proper after all.. Haha.. While we were leaving, we were giving out balloons n interacting with some others sones.. They r actually all pretty nice.. Sincerely worried for us when we told dem we gave up queuing.. Dey even offered to let us cut their queue (oh wow!) haha.. N all off dem r pretty enthusiastic in getting e balloons.. Awww… Hahah…

After dat, like a boss, we went to cafe cartel to spend our time in the aircon out of the harsh weather outdoors until 6 when we expect most of our mosh ppl hav entered.. Ppl in the queue had to brave e rain that felt like it was gg to blow off the while tent holding the moshpit queues.. n i was there drinking hot soup n getting myself prepared for the concert.. awesome ah? haha.. we were jus in time to enter e mosh in the end lol.. Again ppl who stayed waiting in the queue that didn’t get our tags were kinda complaining again when we were prioritized to enter before them.. “Where did they pop up from?” Etc.. Friendly guys! We decided to be abit more chill in e evening lol..

The Moshpit was really spacious.. Got place to lie down seriously lol!!! We were really really near e stages.. Too awesome!


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here to share my favourite perf by snsd hehe.. a lil bored from muggin (more like staring at my txtbook blankly..)..

its “tell me your wish (genie)” sowoneul malhaebwa!~~~ my favourite concept so far.. wearing uniforms to perf just looks so nice =D

taeyeon looks exceptionally pretty during this perf.. her voice is awesome too (this perf is obviously sang live btw)..


after exams.. I’m planning to watch this korean drama called “my princess”.. starring dear song seunghun!!!

oh man.. look at him even after so many years! he’s still so good looking, best among all korean actors imo! ❤

After watching this vid, can’t help but rmb what happened during my taiwan trip..  i happened to share a bed with my 3 dear frens to went with me for at least 1 nite.. hehe.. 报料时间!Funny moments must share~~~

While we were at 台中, I shared a room with Cheryl.. hmmmm.. though she flips ard a lot,  I was so tired so it didn’t really affected my sleep.. LOL!

Next is Calesta.. she rolls up the blanket ard herself like popiah! keep pulling our shared blanket away from me when the aircon is sooo cold! =P

Lastly, the most hilarious.. Xin Mei ah! in the middle of the night, I felt someone hit my head with something hard.. N when I turned around and open my eyes, I saw her holding her handphone above my head! She totally used her hp to hit my head in her sleep! I had to push her hand away and move further away from her LOL.. (why are you holding ur hp in ur slp?!)

Sharing beds with friends can be dangerous sia! hahahaha.. my own sleeping habits is still quite normal.. HAHA.. its just that I like to sleep at the edge of the bed alot (like I’m falling off, but actually NOT).. very little moments actually..

But I remember that got once during a school camp.. I tink I hit someone on the chest when I was turning over in my sleep.. =X but that’s a 1 time thing.. HAHA..

P.S.: Don’t kill me for sharing these girls.. HEHE..

I remembered that we left the hotel rather early in the morning after having breakfast at the hotel itself (I would recommend people to go to local breakfast shops 早餐店 to have breakfast instead if you have the time.. or you can even buy a 韩国手卷 which can be found at one of the shops at 西门町 which we enjoyed quite alot..).. We took a mrt to a particular bus-stop which would have buses to bring us to 九分.. (I can’t really remember the details since it was almost a year ago =X)

The bus ride was about an hour if I’m not wrong and we arrived at 九分 after going up some “mountainous” roads..

There were lots of shops that sell food and souvenirs over there.. We were particularly attracted to the food.. Along the way we bought drinks which were quite unique and good for the throat, when requested, the drink can be placed in this special baby bottle (as seen above) which you can bring home afterwards..

We also settled our lunch there.. my favorite 卤肉饭!.. simply awesome.. along the way we saw lots of food and also bought some like the famous 阿婆芋圆..

We also bought our 太阳饼 and 黄梨酥 here.. They are mostly made there by family-owned businesses, and you can test the food before buying.. But the stuffs there gets sold out quickly if you meet tour groups over there..

Along the way we also met some cute animals.. Just love to stop and take photos of them and also of the scenery..

九分 is also famous for their tea houses 茶馆.. Thus, we decided to take a rest, look at the breathtaking scenery and just chill while enjoying the 花茶..

While walking along 九分 I also noticed some 民宿 in the area.. After watching some taiwanese programs after I returned.. I found that the 民宿 over there are quite recommended and couples go there for their honeymoons.. Interested travelers can check them out =)..

After spending the whole afternoon at 九分, we took a cab back to our hotel to put down our stuffs before taking the same cab to Shiling Night market 士林夜市 (I remembered that the whole cab fare was around 1000TWD.. the price is negotiable)..  We ate our dinner at the Shiling Night market food area and bought all the must-trys..

At 士林夜市.. we were kind of exhausted so we did minimal shopping (which was still around 1-2 hours..XD).. some areas are worth taking a look would be the pet shop near the street! They have all the little puppies and kittens which are uber cute! =D .. And.. almond haters beware! the smell of it is super strong when you are near the vendor selling the almond juice or soup or something.. within 100m of its radius, you can sense the strong smell.. Thus we ended the day at 士林夜市 and went back to 西门町 for a short walk before returning to our hotel..


DAY9 TaoYuan Airport@Taiwan -> Home Sweet Home

Our flight was in the afternoon so we had some time to do last minute shopping and also plan our transportation back to the airport.. As we have 5 people in total, it was quite a problem as we are unable to squeeze into a normal cab with all our luggages.. Thus we were looking for those 7-seater cabs.. The hotel offered as such vehicles but the price was too over the budget, however, we manage to approach some taxi-driver who have such cars just right outside the hotel itself for a price of ard 1000TWD which was pretty much reasonable.. So my advice to travelers, please look for alternatives, don’t settle on one choice too quickly =)

A really long holiday.. 9D8N with this cool bunch of friends.. really enjoyed myself a lot and for almost the whole journey, we didn’t have much uncomfortable situations to handle other than the failed minsu at taipei..

So, I just like to conclude that having the right traveling partners are really important as they can really make your whole trip so much brighter or to the other extreme, make your whole holiday suck.. My experience for this trip was great! I don’t remember us having a dispute at any point of time during the trip.. Not even a small minor dispute.. All I can remember were the fun and laughter that we had all the way.. The crazy things that we did that made the trip so memorable..

I’ll definitely want to travel with this gang of people in the near future =D Our grad trip! Looking forward to it =)


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经过了NKF 和仁慈医院风波,国人对慈善机构的信心还能够承受多少摧残呢?虽然时间已让许多国人渐渐忘记慈善机构侵吞善款的事件,但是每一次看到媒体报道到灾区物资短缺的问题时,我相信有很多捐款的善心人士会不禁起疑:到底慈善机构有没有好好运用筹来的善款?我捐出的这些钱用到哪了?有帮助到这些灾民了吗?

广泛的慈善机构没有办法准确的提供运用他们善款的方式,捐款人士也没有发表意见的权利。 有这么多的疑惑,这么多的不确定,为什么很多人还是选择了相信这些机构?最常听到的解释是因为他们选择把款项捐到比较有名,规模较庞大的慈善机构,特别是那些跨国的集团。可是,响当当的慈善机构就不会有侵吞善款的问题吗?NKF 和仁慈医院风波向我们证明了人类贪图钱财的可怕。我们的血汗钱有多少是已经进入了这些贪图钱财的无耻之徒的口袋里头?尽管如此,我们还是不能完全忽视这些慈善机构对赈灾的帮助。我们必然接受不是所有款项能够得到很好的利用,但是还是会有部分的捐款会对赈灾行动给予很大的帮助。理论也许就是捐得越多能到灾民手里的资源也就会越多(虽然不能成比例)。我们只能盼望这些慈善机构能够诚心助人把运作过程透明化,让善心人士们清楚地看到善款有利的运用。




外加:我的个人经验 (有趣)



One of the most eventful day in Taipei..

[This will help: Metro Taipei Map]

First Stop: 新北投 Xin Bei Tou

Early in the morning, we took the metro to 北投站 then changed a train that brings us to 新北投站..

From the metro station, we walked around the area to tour around (everywhere is within walkable distance – at least to us it is =D)..

First, we visited a 原住民 museum.. it was really empty, but its quite interesting to read about all the different 原住民 in taiwan and the people there were really nice.. Shared some interesting history with us.. But they don’t allow photography in there, so if you really want to take photos.. do it discretely.. HAHA

After that we went to the library there.. the architecture really beautiful I would say, worth a visit! By then we were walking along a hotwater stream that came down from the hotsprings up the path.. Some locals were using the river there.. But there is a sign saying that the water are discharges from the hotspring hotels upstream.. so whether to use it anot, its really up to u!

Next we visited the hotspring museum, as its just along the road which we were walking up to the 地熱谷 (hotspring valley).. we just walked in since its free.. Nothing much in there but you can take photos!

Next, the 重點 of visiting 新北投 is this 地熱谷! its like a lake with stream rising up from it.. quite cool.. can take nice photos.. and if you all are interested in soaking in hotspring water.. you can try the hotspring hotels nearby.. we didn’t get to go as the weather was already so hot.. but I heard that these hotels have like hourly rates.. do ask around! people there are really friendly.. for lunch that day, we went to eat at the famous ramen store (recommended by locals) in the area..

Next Stop: 淡水 Danshui

We took the metro to 淡水站 and from the metro station, we walked the general direction to 淡水老街.. and once we arrive, we started buying food to eat.. at 淡水, you can get 鐵蛋 which that place is famous for.. we tried it there.. its so freaking hard.. if you like hard food, this is it! haha.. there is cheeze 雞排 there too if you want to try a different flavored chicken chops after eating it again n again for days.. but its not that awesome lah..

淡水 is quite a heaven for photographers during sun set.. you can capture really nice photos there.. other than that, hanging around the jetty area and relaxing with your friends in the sea breeze can be quite enjoyable too!

Last stop: 鼎泰豐 near 忠孝復興/敦化 metro

There is a few 鼎泰豐 restaurants around.. we heard that the one that we visited near the 忠孝復興/敦化 metro is slightly more expensive.. the one near 永康街 is more recommended – much cheaper!

A really long day seriously.. But after dinner, we still went to walk around and we went to the super big bookstore near the area – 誠品書店 Eslite.. there is really huge variety of Chinese books there.. if you are looking for books which are english or other language.. it’ll be difficult.. I bought a couple of make-up books there.. they really sell all kinds of books.. just that they are mostly in Chinese..

We ended the day with some fruits bought along 西門町~~~

greatly amused~~~

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i came across a cringe-worthy romantic line once again.. HAHAHA..

i can’t deny this weird interest in these romantic lines.. they are sooooooo cheesy and all BUT they just amuse me so much.. How did people think of them?

The story went something like..

a couple was about to separate as the girl was to migrate overseas.. their future is unknown as the girl doesn’t know when she will be coming back.. the guy was staying put for some reasons..

on the day of their separation, the guy took out a beautiful pocket watch to gave it to the girl.. the girl was confused of course n looked at him.. the guy took the watch back from her and using a rock that he picked up from the ground, he smashed the pocket watch right in front of the girl.. the girl was even more confused..

*like always, most important speech COMES*

guy: “even a spoiled watch is able to show the time correctly twice a day.. why can’t we have a second chance to meet in future?

and keeping the belief and hope that their faith will bring them together in the future, they said their last “goodbye” before separating..


well….. so sweet huh? hahaha.. i was soooooooo speechless when i read it.. but i shld say.. its so creative! this is quite new to me.. or am i outdated? HAHA